A Landlord & Tenant and Park Home law blog; “…[to], hopefully, add to the sum of your knowledge, read on”

This is an occasional blog, mostly about Landlord and Tenant and Park Home law. The content ranges from the straightforwardly analytical to the speculative. None of it should be taken as legal advice; how the law works in relation to a specific problem invariably depends on the facts of a particular case and, when writing a legal blog, neither I, nor any other author will know the facts of your particular case, so if you need legal advice – get advice because this isn’t and, for the technical legal bit, I’m not assuming any duty of care towards readers of this blog. However, if you want to understand the background to a particular topic about which I’ve written and, hopefully, add to the sum of your knowledge, read on [posts are accessed via the icon at the top right hand of this page].

Although posts are updated from time to time I don’t guarantee everything that appears here is bang up-to-date, so be aware that the law can be fluid and what I wrote last year, say, may have been overtaken by something decided this year.

About the author

If you want to instruct me, I am generally instructed by solicitors through my Chambers but I do accept instructions on a  public/direct access basis, again this is done through my Chambers



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